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Ever since the time, Palestine has been in under-attack by Israel, a news has been all the time roaming around in the media sites that Palestine has been removed from the World Map. Is it true? A common story has been spreader around in the media stories that Palestine has been removed from the World Map that has bring about so many questions in the minds of the people. How is it possible that any country place has been removed from the World Map locations without any sort of reasons. Over the last so many months, Google has been continuously in the mode of being accused for removing off the Palestine from the map. They have in return mentioned it to be the state name of “Israel”. As you do search for the Palestine in World Map, it would make you learn the fact that this country was never on service in the World Map. How Strange!

We all have been fully aware regarding the condition of the Palestine over the last so many years and still hopes are being made to get it back in the old condition. But if one country is losing its position and is not able to defend itself, then it does not mean that it would be removed off from the World Map completely.

Viewpoint on Google About Removing Palestine from World Map?

Well Google has nothing to say about in its views from the very first day of the Palestine removal from the World Map. They have always mentioned in their statements that Palestine was never taken as being the territory on their map locations and hence they don’t find it important to make it as part of the World Map. This is a pointless statement from Google! As in favor of this act an online petition was held with the title “Google: Put Palestine On your Maps” that attracted almost 311,000 signatures from all over the world. According to the whole world, this is quite a shameful act of removing the Palestine from World Map and naming it as Israel just for the reason that it is under the control of Israel now. There was a time when Palestine was considered to be one of the beautiful places to travel around on this planet. But one still plan of bombing attack made by the Israel has made this place one of the dangerous places to travel into in the whole world. Why is it so?

How Palestine Was Removed From World Map?

We all are fully aware of the fact that since the time Palestine has been into the attacking mode by the Israel, this country place has been shattered away. The attacks of the chemicals bombs and firing attacks have killed almost half of the population of the Palestine. There is no shelter to live, no food to eat and no clothes to wear. As its half of the population has been removed off therefore according to Google terminology it was useless to make it part of the Google Map. Although the concept is completely wrong! Once the bombing attacks would be stopped in Palestine, this country would definitely stand back on its feet for sure. But the question is how as the Israel attacks are raising high and high with each single day. So many pictures of the Palestine has been uploaded on the internet that did stopped the heart beats of the whole world as they are so cruel and heart-breaking to watch them out. Kids crying faces and bleeding body can melt the hearts of any stone-heart person.

Palestine Is Still Part of World Map, Says Google:

Soon after the petition spread like fire all around the world, Google once again made Palestine to be the part of the World Map. Why this so sudden change now? Google has clearly stated in their statements that Palestine is still part of the World Map and they had never thought about removing it off from the World Map at any stage of the time. Now the main question that do hit so many minds is that how much reality is being falling into this statement given by the Google management. Is Palestine still the part of the World Map or they are sharing a story as before the bombing attacks happened out? Well no one until now knows the reality fact, but all in all the whole world would appreciate the act if Google would once again made Palestine as part of Google Map by its own name.

What Whole World Thinks About The Concept of Palestine and World Map?

No matter whether half of the population of the Palestine has been destroyed, but rest of the half is still breathing inside. Palestine has the equal right to be the part of World Map just like a small island of any country has kept its place in the map. So many chances and hopes are being coming around that soon the bombing attacks over the Palestine will be coming to an end and once again Palestine will stand on its feet in order to establish itself once again. The petition of taking back the place of Palestine on map was signatures by millions of people all around the globe. This shows that still the Palestine is holding an important stand and place of its own. This petition did played an important role in bringing back the position of the Palestine back on the World Map. Let’s hope for the best!
So this was the end of the story about the facts that why Palestine is not considered to be the part of the World Map now! Facts and figures are different but no matter how much any country is being destroyed, at the end of the days its place in the World Map will stay as it is. What are your views on this whole concept?


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