Marilyn Monroe News, Biography and Photos

Marilyn Monroe was born with the real name of Norma Jeane Mortenson as on June 1, 1926. She died on 5th August 1962. By profession she had been involved in working out as being one of the top leading American actresses. She had often step up in working as being one of the most wanted models of her time. She got the best appreciation as in appearing with the comic roles much. She was undoubtedly the sex symbol of the 1950’s time. She turns out to be the most highest paid actresses of her time in the entertainment ground.

Inside Look Into Marilyn Monroe Professional Career:

She got married at the early age of the 16 years old. In the year 1944 she step up into the modeling as she got the chance to work along with First Motion Picture Unit. In the start of the acting career she did feature herself out in the small and minor roles in so many comedy films. She has posed for so many magazines in order to make herself one of the shining stars of the modelling world. She was a sex appeal of her modelling career. No doubt that Marilyn Monroe had given so many successful films to the Hollywood cinemas in her era time.


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